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Addressing some recent Blogging BS. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers


I read something yesterday that really annoyed me. Someone had read a ‘hyped‘ book and was very disappointed in it. In itself, that is fair enough but what I took from the comment was that it seemed implied by that person that everyone else who had loved the book was lying about it and that their opinions were all wrong.

This did not sit well with me and well, some other things have been niggling away at me recently too. So here we are and I am addressing recent BS in the book blogging community.

Reading is subjective. This should be obvious but it doesn’t seem to be to some, so, once more with feeling! READING. IS. SUBJECTIVE! You might love a book, someone else might hate it. Your view is valid. The other person’s view is valid too. Just because their view is different to yours it doesn’t make it wrong.

If a book doesn’t work for you, don’t bitch about all of the people who loved it. No, they didn’t lie in their reviews, they just have different opinions and tastes to you.

We all have different tastes and it is unfair to question the integrity of someone just because they liked a book that you didn’t. Yes, some hyped books are perhaps not deserving of all the hype that they receive while others that deserve the hype fly under the radar. You do know though that you could always check Amazon and Goodreads for negative reviews if you wanted to see a full spectrum of views on the book instead of just believing the hype before you purchased the travesty to literature that you despised so much.

Hype is marketing. If a book is hyped it means that the publisher and publicists are doing their job! They have started the hype train and many of us are on it because we have read and then genuinely loved the book. We bought into the hype and it worked for us, there was a chance it wouldn’t work and if that was the case then we’d have moved on. You buy into the hype and love the book, it’s on you. You buy into the hype and dislike the book, again, it’s on you. No-one can know what you will and won’t like only you and you know why! Because we are all different and reading is subjective!

Perhaps, at times, the amount of hype for a book proclaiming it ‘the next big thing‘ is detrimental to the book and whilst you find it to be a decent read you aren’t blown away by it. Sadly, again, that’s on you as you believed the hype. This won’t be your first rodeo and chances are that you have read many other books that were hyped before, ask yourself how many books can be the greatest book ever?! So, yes, perhaps hype can hurt a book but it is you that has given lofty expectations to the book in your own mind and no-one else. Sure, the publisher, the publicist and all the glowing positive reviews will have helped, that’s what building hype is but something inside of you decided that you needed to read the book and in the end, it is you who is disappointed with it.

I’d love to see someone try and tell me that my view on a book is wrong. I loved it, you hated it, I’m wrong. I hated it, you loved it, I’m wrong. No! No! No! We just have different tastes and preferences. My view is valid and so is yours. Though! If we are getting down and dirty and delving into the nitty-gritty (might steal that line for a review as it is pretty cool) then I’d go as far as to say that my view is more valid because I don’t go around telling other people that their view is wrong! Yes, I’m taking the moral high ground, it’s new for me and you can see me sitting on my high horse, it’s usually where you are sat.

You wrote that there should be some way to warn off other potential readers. There is, it is staring you right in the face! A negative review highlighting YOUR issues with the book and why it didn’t work for YOU on YOUR blog!

You do know it is possible to write a negative review and highlight your issues with a book without dissing the author. If you have to resort to dissing an author in a review simply because you didn’t like the book then maybe you need to consider whether or not you should be reviewing at all.

The above isn’t me being two-faced and going back on my ‘there is no right or wrong way to review‘ mantra. No, it is me, speaking as someone who thinks that the reviews that they write are shit yet still has the ability to highlight issues that I have with a book without dissing the author. If I can do it I’m sure that you can.

I’m a firm believer in posting what you want on your blog and it is ‘my blog, my rules‘ and ‘your blog, your rules‘. You only post positive reviews then go for it. You post reviews for every book you read be they positive or negative then go for it. But! To not want to write a negative review on your blog but to want a way to warn other potential readers of the book and about the issues that YOU had with it. The glaringly obvious solution is a review, chica! You can’t expect someone else to warn people about the issues that YOU encountered with the book as they are your issues and only you know what they are. How do you do that? Write a review otherwise, don’t complain about being very disappointed in a book, lament the hype and state that everyone who loved the book is wrong. I’ll get some other bloggers and we’ll all club together to get you the Β£10 for the book so we don’t have to listen to you crying over it, sorted.

While we are at it I saw a review the other day that said that the person had issues with the book due to its content and that the book needed trigger warnings. Not an issue and no hate on the subject from me! I wrote a whole post on trigger warnings and my view on them that you can find !!HERE!! But! If you are saying that a book needed trigger warnings due to its content then maybe list the trigger warnings that it needed in your review otherwise what was the point in mentioning that they are needed? Anyone reading the review still doesn’t know what actual warnings the book warrants as you didn’t say which technically makes you saying that it needs warnings redundant because different people are triggered by different things!

Don’t tell me how to review. There is no right or wrong way to review so please don’t try and tell me, as a blogger who spends their free time blogging how the fuck I should be reviewing according to you. If you are going to question the quality of reviews then you see that over there? It is a door, open it, walk through it and then fuck off! Also, don’t let it hit you on the way out cos if you dawdle I’ll slam that fucker in your face! I would ask who the fuck you think you are to think that you can question the quality of other people’s reviews? What qualifications do you have? Then, after you have shown me your diploma, degree doctorate and PhD please tell me what qualifications I’m personally lacking? I didn’t realise that I needed a degree to write a review and post it on my blog. Which, I may add is a hobby. I play video games too. That’s another hobby just like blogging. Do I need a degree to play video games? I wish I’d known that, thanks for the clarification! Now, I do have a degree in being an asshole and sarcasm so I guess I’m qualified in both of them and I’m fucking good at them too.

As bloggers, we share our thoughts on books, nothing more, we aren’t professionals so quit with the bitching about the quality of our reviews! For authors moaning, seriously! You think that there should be a uniform way to review and that every blogger should write their reviews in the same way, ha fucking ha! You all write different books so you CANNOT state that all reviews should be written the same. Maybe I should go and tell you all how to write, I’m not qualified but who cares about that, I don’t. For others, nah, you either think that you are the pinnacle of reviewing and that everyone else should try and reach for your coat-tails and review like you or you don’t actually review but love to criticise others. If you are at the pinnacle, realise this, everyone is different and everyone reviews differently and for those who criticise simply because they have nothing better to do. Get a life or even better, you try writing review after review after review and then have some twat come and slander the quality of them!

I also saw that someone said that they have trouble with being unbiased as a paid for reviewer. Well……..most of us don’t get paid to review so we don’t have that problem! I can honestly say that if I got paid to review then I would still be honest and I would be able to be unbiased in my reviews. Obviously, it’s not going to happen and I don’t want to get paid anyway. There would be too many chains and constraints put on the reviews and as I said, what I write is shit but in the la la land where I do get paid. You know the one, it’s the alternate universe where bloggers don’t get continually bashed over a myriad assortment of BS and I have a bevvy of blogubines surrounding me then yes, if cash changed hands and I was a book hooker (I’ll even start at the end and read the book back to front if that floats your boat but kinky shit like that is extra) then I’d still be able to review honestly and give an unbiased review because like Kurt Angle, though I’m only using one of his I’s I have integrity!

I think that if you can’t be unbiased because you get paid then that says all that you need to know about that person’s integrity, they have none!

If an author is paying for a review then they might expect a positive review in exchange for the payment but that goes against giving an honest review. If you have integrity then you should tell the author, no! It’ll be an honest review and whether it is positive or negative will be determined after I’ve finished reading the book.

I think part of this issue comes from authors not wanting to pay out if they get a negative review in the first place making the reviewer feel pressured to be overly positive to get the payment. It’s understandable, in a way as the author is obviously hoping for a positive review and promotion but again, that goes against reviewing honestly and authors saying that they want honest reviews. What that tells you is that an author wants an honest review when the review is in exchange for a copy of the book but not when they pay for a review, then, they want a positive review. No, it doesn’t work like that and let me tell you something. C’mon in close and I’ll whisper it in your ear…..there is not a single book that has ever been released that hasn’t received negative feedback, negative reviews and garnered criticism. Now, I’m sure that your husband/wife/lover/fuck buddy/friend/mother or father told you that you have created a masterpiece, the next big thing and that depending on your genre that you will be the next Stephen King, J. K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin but sadly that won’t be the case! So, what you need to do is pull up your granny panties, bunch them up nice and tight, pull up your tighty whiteys and then clench your cheeks as you accept the honest feedback on your not so master masterpiece, OK?!

This is mute though as I said, most of us don’t get paid for reviews, we do this for free and as an extension of our love for reading. Don’t tarnish the many with the actions of the minority!

Seriously, you know who you are (sadly there is many) and before you start you can take your whole ‘you get paid because you get a free book‘ BS and go fuck yourself with it! You don’t call out other types of bloggers and then question their integrity and the validity of their reviews and yet they do charge for reviews as it is the done thing in their chosen area of blogging. But a book blogger got a free book to review, sigh, the world is ending and they have sold their soul for a free copy of a Β£10 book. Deluded fucking madness! You don’t trust book blogger reviews then don’t read them, it is as simple as that!

It is understandable why some bloggers don’t post negative reviews on their blogs not because they want their blog to be a bastion for book love. No, it’s because some authors act like babies when they receive a less than stellar review and then go on to harass the blogger, try it with me, I am begging you!

So, authors before you ask why that particular blogger only posts positive reviews look at others of your ilk because some of their behaviour is disgraceful. It’s no surprise why many bloggers don’t want to work with indie authors and it’s not because we think that we are better than you, no! It’s because of the risk of potential hassle. And other bloggers, if you question why a blogger only posts positive reviews then just don’t, OK?! It is their blog, they can do what they want without your permission and try keeping your opinion to yourself!

Yes, it’s only a minority of authors, a very small one at that too and most are brilliant. However, when you give up your spare time to blog the last thing you want is aggro. Frankly, you could work with fifty authors and forty-nine of them could be awesome and appreciative and one could be a twat and it is that one who ruins it for the rest and sours working with indie authors for that particular blogger.

When you see authors bashing bloggers it reeks of sourness and jealousy. Jealousy that other authors are getting reviews and content spots and sourness because you are not. Maybe look at your demeanour and how you interact with bloggers and then you would have a better outcome with bloggers. I actually wrote a whole blog post on reasons why a blogger declines your review request. You can find the link !!HERE!! and maybe it might be worth checking out for some of you.

Also, authors, we owe you nothing. Just because we have a blog it doesn’t mean that we are required to read your book or have you appear on our blog so get over that mentality and we can get along. Stop believing that you are doing us a favour if you offer us an ARC or appear on our blog too, you’re not! We work together, it is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties involved.

Let’s bring up reader shaming by supposed book snobs! As a fantasy fan I’ve seen the whole ‘it’s not real literature‘ that is occasionally bandied around about the genre. I’ve also seen the shaming around YA and adults who read YA. Listen up knobs! Sorry, snobs! If you don’t have a knob then you can go and buy a strap-on and you can all be knobs! πŸ˜‰ LET. PEOPLE. READ. WHAT. THE. FUCK. THEY. WANT! It has nothing to do with you what another person reads so let them be. All books are literature and people read for enjoyment so obviously, they are going to read what they enjoy, it’s not rocket science to realise that and for the love of god just let people read what they want without fear of reprisal or backlash over it!

One last thing, commenting! If you are going to comment on another person’s blog then keep it civil! Don’t get personal and troll them on their own blog just because you disagree with how they have written a post or you disagree with their opinion. The issue isn’t with them, it is their blog and the issue is with you. You don’t like how someone writes their posts, you disagree with their opinion or heaven forbid something that they wrote offended you, don’t follow them! If you really do still feel the need to comment and express your grievances because you really need the spotlight shining on you then keep it respectful! If you can’t keep your comments respectful (ha, yes, I’m the most disrespectful person there is) walk away, just walk away and keep quiet because it isn’t all about you (which some need to realise) and the blogger doesn’t need to know that you have been deeply offended by them.

It’s no wonder bloggers are starting to question why they bother blogging. Every week it is bash a blogger week, usually, the same old shit rehashed over and over again and it is tiring! We offer a free service and we blog because we love reading. You shouldn’t be shitting on us! No! You should be shouting our fucking praises!

So, to the haters, I hope this post gave you a mouthful to choke on and fuck you! πŸ˜‰

You will have noticed that there are many uses of the word ‘fuck‘ strewn throughout this post. Often, I have no fucks to give, this time, I had many.

There is no pack mentality involved with bloggers we simply stick up for what we do and due to that, each other! Where there is one there will be many as we all give our free time to shout about books because we love reading. I don’t need a pack behind me to back me up and anyway, I have no pack, that was shown recently when I lost followers, people who I classed as blog friends who turned on me over an issue and yet, here I am, still shouting about bloggers because even if I stand alone, if I stand as a lone wolf, that is what I do. I have a voice, I have an opinion, I will be heard, I can review how I want and I can run my blog how I want too!

The only person who will burn my blog to the ground is me, the only person who will decide how I post is me, anyone tries to tell me otherwise, fuck you!

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  1. I love this! Actually made me feel quite a bit better about a few things, Recently seriously considered stopping blogging after a few not very nice situations, and I think I recognise your quote from the blog post.

    I was actually surprised that this person (if indeed I am thinking of the same) who posted that blog did πŸ™ˆ I had to stop reading it, it surprised me that someone would write a blog post purely to be negative about a book and essentially say other reviews lied πŸ˜₯

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  2. I agree and learned a long time ago never to go with hype on books. So many times I’ve picked up a book that ten or more friends on Goodreads loved, and then I read it only to end up hating it. Reading is subjective and we all have our own opinions! How can you discredit someone else’s review because their opinion is different? That’s seem so wrong. Great topic.

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    1. Thanks. Yeah, that’s what really annoyed me about it. Not that the book was hyped and they didn’t like it, it could have been any book with no promotion. It was the whole saying and implying that everyone else’s view was wrong because they thought differently about the book.

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  3. Well someone has pissed you off and it’s nice to see the fucks are back. I love this Drew.

    I don’t really see a lot of the drama or have to deal with it (yay for being a tiny blog) but I really feel the literature snobs thing. It’s always been more over on Goodreads, so I only track my books there now. But I feel like my reviews don’t use clever language like a lot do, so they aren’t as good. That one is totally on my own insecurities though, no one has told me i’m shit lol.

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  4. I fucking love a hyped book.
    Publishing is business. That’s the main point that people don’t seem to understand.
    A publisher pays out a huge amount of money for the rights to publish a book, therefore they will work their arses off to make sure that book is a success, and that they get their money back.
    It’s basic common sense.

    People who flounce about and faint at the thought of reading something popular are book snobs – pure and simple.
    It’s a bit like following an indie band, and then when they hit the number one spot, abandoning them, because you know, it’s just not cool to like things that other people like.
    That mentality annoys the hell out of me.

    I read hyped books, I read indie books. I read books that I wish had more hype, I read books that I wish didn’t have so much hype.

    The authors who diss bloggers have soggy old bloody toes now because they’ve shot themselves in the feet big style.

    A x

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  5. As a blogger i try not to spoil too much of the book i read, but in the post coming up on the 15th of this month i do state what grated on me before starting my review of the book in question. Its not so much as that it put me of, its just that i do not understand what it is doing in pne of my favorite genres. Although i know it features in other books as well. Tastes changes over time and if everyone liked the same stuff, this world would be boring a.f

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  6. Thanks for this post! I appreciate you being honest and not giving a f*! It’s so sad that authors feel entitled to good reviews if they send a book/ebook your way and then back honest reviews! Similarly, I hate it when people get bashed bc they didn’t enjoy the latest hyped book. Again, thanks for the honesty and keep it up!

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  7. Er I hope it wasn’t me that annoyed you? I read a fair amount of hyped books and I don’t like all of them… hopefully I don’t make it sound like other people are wrong for liking them.

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    1. No, it was in a FB group. It wasn’t really the fact that the book was hyped, it just happened to be a hyped book. It was more that the person stated that everyone who read and enjoyed the book had lied and was wrong because they had enjoyed what the person disliked.

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    2. I think you always come across very respectfully! You don’t beat about the bush but you don’t attack other bloggers nor the author, even when I don’t agree with you I never feel offended 😊

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  8. Amazing post! I don’t understand this kind of behavior. It’s okay if you don’t like book but that doesn’t mean everyone should have the same opinion! I so agree with you. ‘reading and reviews’ is highly subjective matter. I read many hyped or popular books but not because there are many positive reviews on the book but because i found them really interesting and it worked for me, most of the time.

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  9. Great post. Coming into it primarily form the author standpoint, it’s always disheartening when authors behave badly. It really does ruin it for others who are behaving professionally, and on top of it, it really shows a complete lack of understanding of the concept that no one book is going to be for everyone. Yes, it’s a shame when I get a negative review, but come on. That a reviewer took the time to read the book and post their thoughts is really all I can ask for. Plus, some negative reviews here and there I think help. It shows that not all your reviews are positive, family and friends type ones, and plenty of people will see negative ones and say “Oh, that wouldn’t bother me, maybe I’ll give this book a try.”

    I must say though, I don’t like paying for reviews. It’s got nothing to dow tih potentially paying for a negative one though, more that some sites frown upon cross-posting paid for reviews. Some of the prices are quite steep too and way out of my budget, anyway.

    From a reviewer standpoint, honest reviews should be paramount. I get some free DVDs and BluRays to review and, while I do try to place my focus on the positives, I do stick with honesty. If there’s something I don’t like, I say it. People can make their own decisons then.

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  10. Great post andvery true. What I like about reviewing books is that I do it for free and therefore I don’t feel any pressure and just say what I thought. I really don’t understand people criticizing other for liking or not liking a book. We are all different of course we’re going to have different opinions…
    The discussion on overhyped books has been a leitmotiv in the book comunity, in my opinion, booktubers or bloggers always tend to post their “overhypped book list” or “under hypped book list” and I mean it’s okay to have opinions but if a book is hyped don’t say that people are wrong, just say that you are different and be proud of it ^^

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  11. Great post Drew! So far I’ve never been attacked, probably cuz the haters have bigger bloggers to fry πŸ˜‚ I am always a little afraid of hyped books cuz I always expect too much despite realising very well that I’m most likely expecting too much. But just last year I highly recommended a hyped book I adored to a friend and for her it was just meh. Shit happens πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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  12. Great post and I totally agree with you. It’s fine to criticise a book and even say your opinion differs from other reviewers but you can’t say the other readers opinion is wrong and you definitely can’t attack them.

    I do think though this has to go both ways. So many times I’ve heard of readers being afraid to air an unpopular opinion. To say that book everyone loved, just didn’t work for them or even to say they liked that book everyone else hates. There can be pressure to just go with the consensus.

    I wish people could just accept that everyone is different, is entitled to their own opinion and should not be attacked for it.

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  13. Brilliant post, Drew, I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, although you’re reviews definitely aren’t shit. I think I was reading the same comments on Facebook yesterday and I couldn’t believe some of what I was reading. It’s totally fine to not like a book, reading is subjective as you say, but it definitely isn’t alright to tell people who enjoyed the book that their reviews must be full of lies and that their opinion is wrong.

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  14. Yes this! If you don’t like it then fair enough, I mean not everyone can like the same things….but keep it respectful and realise not everyone is going to have the same opinion! Some people are a holes!!!

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  15. Awesome post, kudos to you to put the dots on the « iΒ Β»s! i stand by everything you said. Though i’ve did seen makeup gourus actually get bashed upon if they can be trusted of not as they got a free product to review … which, either way is BS. We have to tell you when we get a free thing for review purposes, so why would we even lie about it ?

    And yes- a negative review DO NOT have to be bashing. I choose to write mine in a neutral way, explaining exactly why it just didn’t worked for me but may be working for someone else, if that’s what you’re into

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    1. I have no idea. It’s baffling but then again, I did used to see lots of book bloggers reviewing ARC’s or yet to be published books and not saying that they got them for review purposes.

      Ah, I wouldn’t know about the makeup blogging world.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. ahahah πŸ˜‚ yeah- wasn’t blogging though, it was youtube..

        Well by law we have to put disclaimers on stuff like that, so erm.. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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  16. about the part about indie authors especially. Most of them are alright but you do get some gits. My son was in hospital for a few days and I missed a blog tour post and I couldn’t believe the response I got. Angry emails from both the author and their publicist asking why I would go and ruin their blog tour like that. Trying to get me to explain my actions. We do this for free. For fun. To get the word out about books we think other readers will appreciate. Like you said, I do wonder some days about why I bother. But like I say to others, you just enjoy the highs and ride out the lows.

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    1. Yeah, most are great, it’s just the few and often you remember the bad experiences over the good so it’s understandable that many bloggers don’t want to work with them. As you say, you have to take the bad with the good.

      That sucks big time, they both should have had more compassion. It was only a blog tour date after all and many people miss them for no reason but they forget, you had a very valid reason and something that took priority.


  17. Blogubines xD xD that’s a great one! Good post. And I also can’t believe that people still fail to realize that reviews are about opinions and there’s no right or wrong. I also find it hilarious that someone would expect us to write “quality” reviews. Lol we don’t work for a column. If we did then that would be legit. This is social media. It’s based on opinion. That’s the whole point.

    Your post got me thinking. My hour in work is worth more than a standard book is priced. Yet I spend hours writing posts for that one book. Indeed, why do I blog? I could use that time to do more work and buy three times as many books. Or I could just chill. It’s a good fucking question :/ yet, I’m still here, blogging. Ah the existential questions of blogging.

    Also, do people really get paid for reviews? I feel like that’s an urban myth of the author Twitter or something, because seriously. Never have I ever even heard about this..? Cause I mean it just sounds ridiculous…

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    1. Not sure I’d class a column as a quality review. Some, sure but not all. Kirkus reviews and publisher’s weekly are neither brilliant and the reviews in some columns are rather dodgy to say the least and you can’t tell they’ve read the book.

      They do, a few at least. I think it’s only a very small minority and some charge such a small amount it’s nothing. The person I was referencing in the post said in the thread that they work for a website (I can’t remember which) and they get paid to review and they struggle to be unbiased due to the payment. Said person then went on to say that they may start a normal book blog to just review themselves. Made me laugh as why would you trust someone who just said that they can’t be unbiased.πŸ˜‚

      You’re still blogging, like us all because we love reading.


      1. Oh yeah, definitely agree! The quality of their reviews is nothing to write home about, but at least it’s justifiable to bitch about them, well, sort of – cause they get paid. Although tbh I often think Kirkus is 100% bought and there’s no honesty in their evaluations at all. I don’t bother reading them, I wonder if they do any negative reviews at all? And hmm, well I guess if it’s like a website (not personal blog but actual organization) then maybe it makes sense to be paid – cause it’s kind of like journalistic work. That’s a job and that should be paid. But you can’t compare it with blogging cause it’s a whole ‘nother animal. And I don’t know, if they say they feel weird about being paid, maybe they wouldn’t get paid on their own website and so wouldn’t have to be unbiased πŸ˜€ and yes, I guess you’re right. I keep blogging because even though I could easily buy the book, to me it feels like such a gift when I get one from a publisher – like it’s worth more than the price xD and then there’s the whole community thing. I think I have more friends online than I reality due to blogging lol

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      2. I’ve seen a few middling reviews on kirkus but it’s hard to tell as they often just rehash the blurb and then write a couple of sentences at the end which say how they felt.

        Ah, yes, can’t disagree with that! Getting a book from a publisher is such a gift and so wonderful when it happens.πŸ˜€


  18. “If you have to resort to dissing an author in a review simply because you didn’t like the book then maybe you need to consider whether or not you should be reviewing at all.”

    OMG.. this sooo much!! There are a few reviewers on Goodreads who seemed to always make it a point to diss the author when they didn’t like a book. And they even do it in the meanest way possible. It’s unfathomable to me.

    And thanks for the rant. I sometimes can’t believe that the book community is getting so toxic when books are supposed to increase one’s empathy.

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    1. Yeah, that bit really got to me too. It’s like, it is possible to write a negative review without dissing the author or hating on the book. It’s called being constructive, you’d think people would get it, sadly some don’t.πŸ™„

      It’s no surprise it’s toxic at times, it includes people and people can be toxic but some of the nonsense that goes on is baffling.

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  19. Whenever I end up doing a more rant based or negative review I do try and make a point of using the term ‘personally I didn’t get on with it but some would’. At the end of the day everyone is allowed to write a negative review… but like you said, forcing that negativity on someone or judging those who did view a book more positively is just silly. Great post though Drew, gave me a chuckle indeed… but on a serious note… everything you’ve written is on point!

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    1. Thanks.πŸ‘πŸ“š Glad I made you chuckle.πŸ˜€

      Yeah, definitely, you really can’t or shouldn’t judge people over their differing opinion on a book. Sadly, some do and it is crazy. Of course, there view is valid but for them to then say that everyone else’s opinion as it is different isn’t valid, crazy.πŸ˜‚


  20. My favourite is when I take on a sponsored review through one of the places I review through, and give an honest review, rating the book three stars or lower, and they claim I must not have read the book… Yes, I read it, and told what I liked and *disliked*. And I try to be super careful to use subjective language- I think, I feel, It seems rather than It is. I even got flak one time over a 4* review. Wtf?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Heck, I was happy with a three star review. Maybe I’m more realistic about my writing…?
        Seriously though, it’s *subjective*. And if you are getting systematically bad reviews perhaps the reviewers aren’t the problem…. Argh!

        Liked by 1 person

  21. Yaaaasssssssssss!!
    It really tickled me that someone had moaned about this, thankfully it bypassed me as so much does but it was comical they felt that because THEY didn’t like the book that everyone else who did was lying. That’s like saying I hated my ex & split up with them so the person that’s married to them now must be faking it 🀣 seriously people, we are all different, there’s enough books (& exes) for us all!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Thanks Drew. You do make me chuckle. ‘see that over there? It is a door, open it, walk through it and then ….’ yeah – coffee snorted through the nose can be unpleasant (just saying).
    I can’t say I usually give a whole lot of fudge about what people think of my reviews – I live under a rock most of the time and so even if I was being torn to shreds over something I would probably be blissfully unaware. I’m a happy blogger – no real negative reviews from me – not because I love ALL the books but because I literally cba reading books that I’m not enjoying. It really is that simple. Life is too short and there are (thankfully) a heck of a lot of books. Keep on blogging πŸ˜€
    Lynn πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  23. “..before you start you can take your whole β€˜you get paid because you get a free bookβ€˜ BS and go fuck yourself with it!” That one had me laughing so hard, although this topic is anything but funny. Where da hell are you seeing all this? I agree with you. And you know what? I received a comment on my “Why I DNFΒ΄d ___ book” today that was THE most loviest, most civilized IΒ΄ve probably ever received for a ( on my side ) unloved hyped book. Screw the post- Just take a look at the comment! I want more of those instead of what youΒ΄ve discussed here in your post ( which I get plenty of as well ). Wanna know whatΒ΄s even more sad? You can even have a diploma ( AND MENTION IT to back up your facts ) and youΒ΄d still get virtually tarred and feathered * points at myself *. AinΒ΄t no point in trying to fix stupid. All one can do is hope someone closes the gates to idiot-ville one day. Thank you for this full of fucks post πŸ™‚ I heard you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sup chica!πŸ˜‚

      Hazard a guess where I saw it? No, it wasn’t a big cavernous moist hole, it was the cesspit that is FB.πŸ˜‚

      That’s cool, usually it’s hassle when you go against the grain with a hyped book. Good to know that there are some civil bloggers out there.πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

  24. A good one! And the sentences “Often, I have no fucks to give, this time, I had many” are just pure poetry πŸ˜€

    I agree, especially about the forced uniformity of reviews, and the indie authors – one is often enough to sour the whole concept of reviewing their books. I’ve had some pretty good experiences with indie authors, but the most recent one was so bad I quit.

    I do post negative reviews, but not often. I really need to be pissed off to post a really negative one, because if a book is simply “meh” I usually don’t bother with a review at all πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was one of my better sentences.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Yeah, it only takes one. We don’t get paid for this and when it goes sour it is undue hassle that we don’t need. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience, it sucks that it happens and I don’t know why when we do this for free, in our spare time and yet hassle occasionally goes hand in hand with blogging.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s the one advice that should come in WP intro package: with great power comes great responsibility, so beware: not everyone will love what you’ve written (especially indie authors) πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

  25. I also read a very similar post (could’ve been the same one) and I had the same visceral reaction- people have different opinions and liking a hyped book doesn’t mean you’re lying!!! (It also just so happened that I’d read the book in question and thought it lived upto the hype for me, but that was *for me*, I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way about it) anyway, excellent post as always!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks.πŸ˜€πŸ“š

      It wasn’t a blog post I saw it in, it was in a FB group. Never did get to find out what the book was but damn, visceral indeed. I mean, I don’t care if you like the book or not, if it’s hyped or not or if I’ve read it or not or if your view is opposite to mine or not, it’s all subjective but when you state that everyone who loved the book is lying because you disliked it, hell no, that can’t stand, delusions of grandeur on their part.πŸ˜‚


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