Wherever I Roam.

The colours are muted, the sky turned to grey, storm approaching, rain falling, I get washed away, I never offered you the world, it wasn't mine to give, I offered you myself, the best I had, the best I was, it wasn't enough, Thoughts plague me, swirling inside my mind, taunting, I'm nothing, worthless, I've… Continue reading Wherever I Roam.


Shadows engulf the light.

These words that I write, they are my last, My eyes are closing, the world fading to black,  There was an emptiness inside no-one could see, I wished that I had been anyone but me, I was  torn to pieces, I had fallen apart, I couldn't save myself, I was lost in the dark, There… Continue reading Shadows engulf the light.


A Poem: The Sorrow. #Poem #Poetry #Blogger #Bloggers #Feelings

There's a part of me that's broken, A piece that's damaged beyond repair, I'm drowning in words left unspoken, Flailing in the tides of my despair, I strayed into the dark, With no light to guide my way, In black, I lost my heart, I have no reason to stay, When the feeling is gone,… Continue reading A Poem: The Sorrow. #Poem #Poetry #Blogger #Bloggers #Feelings

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Guest Post: 15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay to Break by The Expert Editor. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers

Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I am pleased to be bringing to you all something a little different. I was recently contacted by Isabel Cabrera from The Expert Editor about sharing an infographic titled "15 Grammar Rules It's Okay to Break". Now, as someone whose own grammar is less than stellar, I jumped at… Continue reading Guest Post: 15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay to Break by The Expert Editor. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers


A Poem: Cannot Fly. #Poem #Poetry #Feelings #Bloggers #Blogger #Depression

There's a darkness in me, That lives beneath the surface, A demon that I can't fight, I have an emptiness inside, A hole that I can't fill, I will never see the light, There's nothing here for me, No-one cares, I fall apart, I am lost, I cannot fly, I will always hate myself, It's… Continue reading A Poem: Cannot Fly. #Poem #Poetry #Feelings #Bloggers #Blogger #Depression