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Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers to make you Laugh and Smile: Cookbook edition. #BookBloggers #BookBlogger #Blogger #Blogpost

Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers to make you Laugh and Smile volume-

Today I bring you all another post of fun and inappropriate book covers post, this time it’s a cookbook edition! 🙂


If you have missed any of the previous posts then you can find the links below if you haven’t yet checked them out – well worth a look for a giggle and a snigger! 🙂

giphy (25)

The Covers:


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38 thoughts on “Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers to make you Laugh and Smile: Cookbook edition. #BookBloggers #BookBlogger #Blogger #Blogpost

  1. I’m pretty sure 50 shades of chicken is a recipe for food poisoning. Also, just no to the Roadkill Cooking for Campers 🤢 Although that cover did make me laugh.

    I could probably do with the How To Boil Water cookbook 😂

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  2. Jeez, lol…
    Gone with the gin: i think that one is about me 😂
    Love walking bread and game of scones
    Thug kitchen is awesome. I actually wanna get it for myself next month. Kinda weird buying cookbooks when so many recipes can be found online, but every now and then just get one for shits and giggles

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  3. I like that you’re branching out to other genres of books 😛 I have to say Baking Bad is actually a really cool title; I would probably look through that.
    The Fifty Shades ones on the other hand are just plain weird 😛

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  4. haha oh my goodness that walking bread is terrifying!!! it makes me feel less guilty about torturing gingerbread men to death every time I eat them though 😉 Oh gosh those bananas are badass 😉 hahahahaha How to boil water? Surely google would do? 😉 😂😂😂😂 Lol at baking bad and game of scones!

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  5. I saw the title of this post and thought- Really? They can smut up the cookbooks as well? hahaha and whadda ya know- these are just fantastic! Again, I’d love to get my hands of a few of those books… not the fifty shaed of bacon/chicken though- Fifty shades down the drain! 😛
    and poor male population are really being hinted at here for not being able to cook, hey?! 😀

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      1. hahahaha… I truly wonder if someone actually bought a chicken cookbook because it had fifty shades in the title.. must have been a proper, die hard fan! 😀

        And, you’re too right!

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