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Princess of Blood (The God Fragments #2) by Tom Lloyd Mini Book Review. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #BookReview #Review #Fantasy @tomlloydwrites @Gollancz


  • Princess of Blood (The God Fragments #2).
  • Tom Lloyd.
  • 544 pages.
  • Fantasy.
  • My Rating: Hell yeah Book Review.


Book Blurb:

There’s a new Card in the Mercenary Deck – one Lynx isn’t sure if he’s happy to see or not. The assassin Toil now wears the Princess of Blood on her jacket and even Lynx would admit she’s a woman cloaked in chaos and bloodshed. Their new mission is to escort a dignitary to the pious and ancient city of Jarrazir – beneath which lies a fabled labyrinth. Having barely survived their last underground adventure the mercenaries aren’t keen for another, but Toil has other plans. Under threat of siege and horrors rising from the labyrinth, even the Mercenary Deck may have to accept that Jarrazir’s prohibition laws aren’t their biggest problem.

Book Review:

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Toil’s cover is to work for the Envoy from the city of Su Dregir on a diplomatic mission to build relations between the cities of Su Dregir and Jarrazir. But, really she’s been sent to Jarrazir on behalf of the Archelect to aid the city. Offering her services as a relic hunter to help uncover the mysteries of the ancient, fabled and legendary Duegar labyrinth that is located beneath the city.

The labyrinth has recently been opened with the scholar responsible inadvertently opening all the doorways located across the city of Jarrazir (the ghost spiders that guard the open doorways are really cool). This, of course, results in the Cards having to go into the deep dark journeying underground into the labyrinth.

Along with the underground adventure that unfolds in the puzzle filled Duegar labyrinth featuring Toil, the Cards and a rival group led by the relic hunter Sotorian Bade. The Knights-Charnel are also waging war above ground on the streets of Jarrazir.

The Cards are a quality group of characters, an eclectic mix of rowdy delinquents and it was a pleasure to once again be reacquainted with them all in Princess of Blood (it has been ages since I read Stranger of Tempest and I had forgotten how great the banter was between the disreputable Cards, I love it, so much damn filthy fun).

The weapons, mage-guns with their ammunition, the mage-cartridges (earthers, burners, icers and sparkers) that are forged from the God fragments are a fantastic idea for weaponry. This time around the variety of weapons are expanded and we are given additional insight into the magic and God’s and how they tie together.

There are lots of characters in Princess of Blood and as well as following some of the cards above ground in Jarrazir and Toil, Lynx, et al into the labyrinth. We also follow Sotorian Bade’s (relic hunter for the Militant Order known as the Knight’s Charnel – the bad guys and he is also a longtime nemesis and professional rival of Toil) group into the labyrinth too. This not only gives us another account of the labyrinth and also allows Lloyd to elaborate on the history between the pair of relic hunters.

Princess of Blood is a dose of good, honest and fun-filled fantasy. It is a raucous read that culminates in an action-packed conclusion. As Princess of Blood ends the adventure in Jarrazir is over for the Cards but Lloyd hints at what’s next and leaves you eager for the next book in The God Fragments series.

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